7 Reno Charities You Can Donate To

December 16, 2021

December marks the beginning of a variety of holidays, including the start of National Giving Month. This is an important time to think about how we can give back to those in our community. There are a number of charities in Reno that help support community development and growth. Although you may never see the reactions of those receiving your kindness, your gift will last a lifetime. Here are  some of my favorite charities in Reno that you can donate to, ultimately helping change lives, better society, and reduce poverty.

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What charity in Reno should I donate to?

Think Kindness

Think Kindness inspires measurable acts of kindness in schools and communities around the world. This charity believes that one act of kindness can create a ripple effect and make a difference in the world. There are so many ways to spread kindness so visit Think Kindness, and see how you can help make the world a better place.

Reno Soup for the Soul

Reno Soup for the Soul helps provide soups, sandwiches, produce, hygiene packages, and more to the homeless community in Reno. Whether you are a resident or visitor of Reno, you’ve probably seen the severity of homelessness in the community. This is a great charity in Reno to donate to, especially as the winter brings harsher temperatures to those without housing.

Food Bank of Northern Nevada

National Giving Month is celebrated all year long at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. Their mission is to serve our hungry neighbors today and create a hunger-free tomorrow. This charity in Reno has operated as a nonprofit organization for Northern Nevadans and the eastern slope of the Sierra communities in California for over 35 years. Find out how you can help combat hunger by visiting their website.

Ridge House

Ridge House is the only statewide organization providing a comprehensive recovery-oriented system of care that includes behavioral health treatment to individuals battling addiction. These services are made possible through grants, but you too can donate by visiting their website. Their goal is to provide compassionate care to those involved in or at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

charitable organizations in reno

The Children's Cabinet

This Reno charity is focused on keeping children safe and families together by providing services and programs at no charge to the youth and their families. Besides donating to this organization, they offer annual fundraisers for you to contribute to, including volunteer opportunities. Find out how you can support the prosperity of our community's next generation by getting involved now.

Northern Nevada R.A.V.E Family Foundation

RAVE was established in 1995 through grants from the U.S. Department of Health. The overall goal of the organization is to prevent child abuse and neglect for children with special needs and/or disabilities. RAVE became an independent nonprofit organization and helps provide respite care for children in foster care with disabilities and/or special care needs. By providing temporary emotional relief from the constant care and loving attention these families provide, RAVE allows a reprieve that strengthens the quality of care families deliver to their children. Find out more about RAVE and see how you can support those with special needs.

Eddy House

The Eddy House is a charity in Reno that works with the homeless and at-risk youth to develop the life and job skills necessary for sustainable independence. As the central intake and assessment facility in Northern Nevada, the Eddy House battles homelessness. These are our community’s at-risk kids and they can’t be ignored. Help create a safe place for these children by donating all year long.

Donate to Charities in Reno

These are just a few charities in Reno that deserve our help during National Giving Month and throughout 2022. By supporting their goals, we can help create a better future for our community. Begin making a difference now by learning more about these nonprofit organizations and finding out how you can be involved. Let us begin National Giving Month together by supporting our community and giving back to those who aren't always seen.

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